In meiner Anfangszeit bei Twitter habe ich Manisha aus Mumbai, Indien kennen gelernt. Sie ist eine sehr humorvolle Person und wir halten seither via Twitter und Facebook regelmäßigen Kontakt.

Da ich sehr an Formen des Networkings in anderen Teilen der Welt interessiert bin, habe ich Manisha nach Besonderheiten von Social Media Plattformen in Indien gefragt. Hier ihre Antwort (ich habe vorher gefragt, ob ich sie auf mein Blog stellen darf =]) :

In India, you will find a majority of the people using social networking sites that are usually popular in the US or UK. So Facebook, Twitter, My Space and Hi 5 are the most common ones used by varying age groups. With the introduction of networking in the local language, more and more Indians are flocking to sites where access to a large number of Indians is available, especially the expats or emmigrants.

However, apart from the usual, we have some local sites such as, and, that are gaining popularity. Though, most of them dont see the light of the day too long. They usually fade away making way for the next popular network. Orkut is another site thats loved by most Indians.

A lot of Indians are now warming up to business networking sites like,, and

Indians these days are present in every popular networking site, be it local or international, connecting themselves in order to be part of a global network!